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At NAES, we provide a wide range of business consulting services that add value to your organization at many levels. Please follow the links on this page for more information about services such as: change management, construction management, enterprise management, product management, project management, project scheduling, resource management.

The key differentiator between NAES and our competitors is that we really listen to our clients, striving toward full understanding of the business needs, that go beyond a mere list of requirements. The consulting services that we provide cover a wide spectrum that includes workflow and business process optimization, corporate resource planning, performance benchmarking, systems database development, technical training and economic risk analysis. Our goal is to add value by being responsive to our client's needs, in a user-friendly style that focuses on providing assistance and support to their business and the individuals working within it.

All of our services can be applied at any stage of your project, but will be most effective in early planning and conceptual phases. These services can be implemented either through a continuous interactive involvement with the management team from inception to completion; or by the use of intensive workshops of short duration at key milestones.

We offer consulting services that extend far beyond the traditional boundaries imposed by vertical industry segmentation. If you would like to find out how we can help you, then please send an e-mail to